Marco de Benito has been involved, as arbitrator or as counsel, in arbitration proceedings of considerable relevance and complexity.

Action for annulment of an award between a natural person and a State in connection with a bilateral investment protection treaty (ad hoc UNCITRAL, Madrid).

Litigation between two international investment funds in connection with an energy project in North America (ICC, Madrid).

Interim measures in support of an arbitration between a Swiss and a Spanish company in connection with a sale and purchase agreement of commodities (LCIA, London, English law).

Litigation between several Spanish public and private companies in relation to an important infrastructure project in the Middle East (Spanish Court of Arbitration, Madrid).

Litigation between a foundation and a biomedical engineering company in a collaboration agreement for the exploitation of a patent (Madrid Court of Arbitration, in equity).

Litigation between an Italian and a Hong Kong company in a supply agreement for a natural gas extraction project in Nigeria (Milan Arbitral Chamber, Italian law and language).

Litigation between a Spanish consultancy and a Spanish construction company on road reconstruction in Armenia with financing from the Asian Development Bank (Spanish Court of Arbitration).

Litigation between a Spanish engineering company and a US group on the financing of a large wind power project in South America (ICC, Miami).

Litigation on distribution matters between two electricity companies, Spanish and Austrian (ad hoc UNCITRAL, Paris, Spanish and Austrian law and lex mercatoria).

Litigation between a Spanish and an American engineering company on a photovoltaic project in Italy (ICC, London, Italian law).

Litigation between a Spanish engineering company and a Danish group in the construction of two wind farms in Peru (ICC, Paris).

Litigation between two companies, Dutch and Peruvian, in the sale and purchase of a Spanish company, challenging the determination of the deferred price by an accounting expert (Geneva Chamber).

Litigation between two private equity houses and an Australian investment fund over the sale and purchase of a Spanish infrastructure concessionaire (ICC, Paris).

Action for annulment of an award between a German engineering company and a Spanish-Argentinian consortium (ICC, Madrid).